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Letters to the Molonglo Legislative Assembly Representatives

September 30th, 2009

Earlier today I posted seven letters to the current siting members of the ACT Legislative Assembly for Molonglo and one to the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope in his capacity as Minister for Business and Economic Development.

The intention of these letters is to engage with the local members who are elected to represent Gungahlin residents. There are enough concerns at a local level to more than justify their involvement. People have to remember that the ACT Government raise revenue through the Utility Tax December 2006 which includes the infrastructure providing inadequate service to my suburb.

I also believe telecommunications issues may be threatening the viability of Gungahlin as a location for private enterprise and Governments relocate to.

For the seven members for Molonglo I have sent identical letters with only the addressee altered. The current sitting members for Molonglo are:

  • Katy Gallagher
  • Zed Seselja
  • Andrew Barr
  • Simon Corbell
  • Caroline Le Couteur
  • Jeremy Hanson
  • Shane Rattenbury

I have posted the letter to Katy Gallagher below to show the content of the letters addressed to Molonglo representatives.

Letter to ACT MLA – Katy Gallagher

The letter to Jon Stanhope is slightly different as the Chief Minister is not a representative for Molonglo. My letter to him is posted below.

Letter to ACT MLA – Jon Stanhope

I am calling on each elected representative to become involved. The Gungahlin community is starting to engage in this issue, I would be disappointed if our elected representatives failed become part of the solution.

ABC Radio Canberra Interview

September 30th, 2009

Earlier today I was invited by ABC Radio Canberra’s Afternoons program to be interviewed by Genevieve Jacobs concerning Broadband in Gungahlin. The invitation came from interest in my post on and the content of this site. The interviews occured at 1:15pm th 30th September 2009 and finished at 1:32pm.

Genevieve also invited Allan Kerlin from the Gungahlin Community Council; David Forman from the Competitive Carrier’s Coalition; and Chris Taylor, Managing Director for Telstra Country Wide ACT.

I have to confess I was quite nervous, I did not expect to be on the radio when I got out of bed this morning.

The issue sparked numerous SMS and phone calls to the ABC radio station, many of which were commented on air after the interviews were finished.

ABC Radio have assured me they will make a transcript available which I will post on this site (if permitted).

I would like to thank the ABC for the opportunity to put my issues to such a wide audience.

The Word is Out

September 29th, 2009

Two important events have occurred in the last 72 hours that have brought significant attention to my site.

Posts on Whirlpool Broadband forums about this site were made late Sunday afternoon 27th September 2009 by the user Beastboy. The reference to this site was posted under an existing thread discussing Crace exchange in the Internode discussion area. The actual post and subsequent discussion can be seen here – Whirlpool Forum Discussion – Crace/ACT backhaul/congestion issue

The second event of significance occurred this evening when the post I made on The RiotACT website was made “Featured Post.” The RiotACT website is an important web resource for the ACT region and is used by numerous organisations and residents to discuss local events, issues and even burgers. The full post I made on The RiotACT can be seen here – Gungahlin’s Frustrations with the Internet

I would like to thank The RiotACT for seeing this issue as worthy of such focus.

I will update each of these posts with comments and forum replies as things progress so keep an eye out.

Internode Responds

September 24th, 2009

On Wednesday the 23rd of September Internode contacted me to respond to the letter I sent Thursday 17th September.

The initial response was via a phone call from Emma Rocca, Internode’s Customer Relations representative. The phone call was then followed up by an email from Emma acknowledging our conversation in writing. Here it the email response.

Subject: [ #2179885] Attention: The Carrier Relations Manager

Hi Russell

As per our phone conversation you can reply to this email address with any information that you would see of benefit to Internode, regarding the congestion issues at the Crace exchange.  Please note that this is not a guarantee that the information will be passed on to our wholesaler.

As discussed Internode is liaising with our wholesaler to try and get the congestion issues rectified and all customers affected are notified via SMS on a monthly basis with any updates that we receive. At this stage Internode has not received an ETA in regards to when this will be addressed but we will continue to apply pressure and escalate this matter where possible.

We appreciate you taking the time to write to us and thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards

Emma Rocca
Customer Satisfaction Team Leader

Phone: 13 NODE (13 66 33)
Fax: (08) 8235 6999
150 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA

Emma took time to explain that John Lindsay had read the letter and tasked her as the Customer Relations Representative to contact me and explain what Internode have done to address the issue. She also explained that my letter has been forwarded to the Wholesale Provider through the escalation process.

Emma has assured me that Internode has escalated the issues concerning Crace exchange as far as their relationship with their Wholesale Provider allows. John Lindsay is aware of the issue and taking all the steps possible to find a resolution.

The issue has been openly acknowledged by Telstra Wholesale as a congestion issue with their infrastructure.

This is encouraging as Internode senior management are involved in resolving the issue and as much pressure as possible is being applied by my ISP.

Our conversation did raise some concerns that I believe need to be addressed.

Internode only receives updates on the Crace exchange issue once a month, around the 8th. This consists of an acknowledgement of the issue and the expected ETA for a resolution. It would appear that the Wholesale Provider is not interested in engaging with the ISP or communicating in any meaningful way. As much as it would appear my ISP is attempting to engage, the Wholesale Provider appears not to be interested.

The Wholesale Provieder is not admitting what the actual issue is related to. I asked Internode if they had been given details of what the issue was. Internode did not seem to actually know any details other than the issue relates to congestion. Part of understanding the magnitude of the issue is having details on where the issue lies. If the congestion is with insufficient switching infrastructure that gives me confidence that the Wholesaler actually looked at the issue at some point. No information is far from transparent to the users paying for the service.

The Wholesale Provider refuses to provide an ETA for the resolution of the issue. For at least 6 months there been no ETA provided to Internode and as of the 8th of September there is still no time frame for resolution. I can only assume the Wholesale Provider is not interested in addressing the issues at Crace exchange regardless of the pressure being exerted.

These issues are significant enough in my mind to escalate further. If the issue was with a new car there is no way a manufacturer could acknowledge a defect, keep the details of the defect to themselves and refuse to provide a time frame as to when the defect will be addressed.

Why is this any different?

Performance Reports Released

September 23rd, 2009

I have finally managed to release the performance reports for June, July and August 2009. These reports have been posted in The Reports page of this site.

These reports are based on output from monitoring I am doing of the network. The Reports page outlines how I gathered this information. I have published the reports in PDF format so make sure you have an appropriate reader.

I will be releasing a report for September 2009 early next month, I encourage you to review the reports I have generated. You may be surprised at how congested the system appears to be.

Escalation within Internode

September 18th, 2009

I decided to start the process of addressing the issues at Crace exchange by escalating my current support calls with my Internet Service Provider.

The first question people will ask is – did you escalate the issue with your ISP?

When dealing with an ISP Service Desk it can be difficult to have your issue pushed beyond the first call. As it was tough for me to determine the next step in the escalation path at Internode I decided to send a written letter to the person I could identify.

The Internode website outlines the roles and profiles of senior management. I decided to escalate my issue to the Manager for Carrier Relations, John Lindsay.

I sent the following letter dated the 16th September 2009 to Mr. Lindsay via registered mail. You can read my letter to Internode by clicking the link below.

Escalation Letter to Internode

I have chosen to wait and give Internode the ability to respond before I progress this issue further.

I look forward to Internode’s response.

Welcome to

September 8th, 2009

This website is dedicated to addressing the ongoing Internet performance issues concerning residents of Gungahlin. I hope this site will become one of the focal points in the quest to improve Internet access performance to levels equivalent with neighboring suburbs in North Canberra.

An explanation of issues with Internet services in Gungahlin as well as some history is outlined in links on the top of this page. I have spent some time documenting the problems experienced by residents of North Canberra as well as what I have done to address the issues myself. If you always wondered how it works or why it is so slow, these pages will help.

More information will be uploaded here on a regular basis including statistics and reports when I can generate them.

I will also be using a Twitter account to track latency on a day to day basis. Follow me if you are interested in receiving information on when my site is updated.

I will also be posting all copies of correspondence I have with service providers, Politicians and other organisations.

The more people can work together the greater the chance of a result. The hope is to engage enough residents in the Gungahlin area to escalate the issue beyond what is possible by a single individual.

Please read through the site and come back often.