The Word is Out

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Two important events have occurred in the last 72 hours that have brought significant attention to my site.

Posts on Whirlpool Broadband forums about this site were made late Sunday afternoon 27th September 2009 by the user Beastboy. The reference to this site was posted under an existing thread discussing Crace exchange in the Internode discussion area. The actual post and subsequent discussion can be seen here – Whirlpool Forum Discussion – Crace/ACT backhaul/congestion issue

The second event of significance occurred this evening when the post I made on The RiotACT website was made “Featured Post.” The RiotACT website is an important web resource for the ACT region and is used by numerous organisations and residents to discuss local events, issues and even burgers. The full post I made on The RiotACT can be seen here – Gungahlin’s Frustrations with the Internet

I would like to thank The RiotACT for seeing this issue as worthy of such focus.

I will update each of these posts with comments and forum replies as things progress so keep an eye out.



  1. Adam K says:

    Hi Russell, the URL for the RiotACT article is blank.

    The URL should be:

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks for that…fixed

  3. Riza says:

    Mark, Our photos are abuotslely amazing. Thank you for sharing our special day with us and giving us photos that capture the day perfectly. Our guest commentent on how unobtrusive you were, which is a credit to your professionalism and skill as a photographer.The photos are stunning and you captured so many beautiful moments. We will treasure these photos for many years to come. Thanks again Felicity and Brett

  4. It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pleasure

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  22. also im video eher nicht, aber im wiki artikel erkannte ich mich auch wieder.derzeit würde ich mich aber noch auf einigen stufen davor einschätzen. hoffentlich bleibt das so.und das du davon schon abhängig bist würde ich eher bestreiten wollen. zummindest das was ich so mitbekomme zeigt eher ein wenig anderes. auf jeden fall sehe ich das nicht annhährend als so schlimm an wie bei der beispielperson im video.

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