Persistence Pays Off

November 25th, 2009 by Russell Leave a reply »

It would appear that my mother was right all along, persistence does pay off. I received two responses from local members of the Legislative Assembly today, one from Zed Seselja and the other from Andrew Barr.

I am glad our local members are starting to take notice of the issues in Gungahlin, even if I had to use some provocative language to get a response.

I am pleased to see that Zed has taken steps to investigate the issue with Telstra and has assured me that he will let me know of the outcome. Having both Jon Stanhope’s office and the leader of the opposition both involved should start to send a message to Telstra.

Andrew Barr’s response entails forwarding the issue to the Chief Minister’s office but I still hope Andrew will write to Telstra as well.

The Greens are still to respond to either of my letters but it is still early days. I do expect a response from them, and look forward to working with all members of the Legislative Assembly to fix this issue.

I have attached both responses below and hope to receive more soon.

Andrew Barr – Response.pdf

Zed Seselja – Response.pdf



  1. Paul F says:

    you might find this interesting. “Telstra introduces new broadband plans and bundles offering savings and value.” You might ask so what!!! Well in the third paragraph they actually acknowledge that “Gone are the days when broadband was used only to check email or internet surf. Australian families now also use broadband to download videos, play online games, or check social networking sites all at the same time,”
    Well how can Telstra offer these incentives to get people to join up on Bigpond when in reality if you are on the Crace Exchange, you will not be able to do any of those things….

    Food for thought

    Here is the announcement:

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul, That is something have been looking for. Telstra now openly accept social networking, online games and streaming video as legitimate use of the internet. What justification for the level of service in Gungahlin can they have now?