Why Do I Use Speedtest.net?

November 18th, 2009 by Russell Leave a reply »

A few people have remarked on how much I rely on tests like www.speedtest.net.

There are many reasons why I like using speed tests, for one it helps quantify the issues being experienced in Gungahlin in a repeatable and standardised way. It is hard for many users to describe how poor the user experience actually is in Gungahlin. In many cases the users’ concerns are dismissed because they can not be articulated in a context that has meaning.

I have to admit that I used the speed test site to determine point in time upload and download speeds only. After doing the test I tweeted earlier tonight I had a look around the site a bit more and found a nugget of gold.

Speed Comparison 18Nov09

The scary thing is the actual results in the image above. If you wanted independant verification of your speeds against the average for the country then it is right there. Unfortunately Internode has changed IP address schemes in Canberra and the online databases have not managed to update yet. This means the IP address for my connection is still registered as being in Queensland and not in the ACT. That will update in time.

Doing these speed tests adds to a global database of informaiton gathered by others using the service. By doing a test your results are contributing to a resource others will gain benefit from.

How much more does one need to say about Gungahlin Broadband after looking at the graph? Not much, not much at all.



  1. Adam K says:

    A neighbour of mine in North Watson is using Bigpond and has been complaining to Telstra for quite some time about the internet speeds she is receiving.

    Apparently she was told the other day that the problem would be resolved “within 6 months”.
    Great to see Telstra prioritising for their customers… hah!

  2. Paul F says:

    Well I have been a bigpond customer here in Wells Station since early 2007. Initially when there were not too many homes built, the internet was decent for ADSL but since the end of last year, for me I have had some pretty poor performance. I have given up on calling bigpond service and speaking to someone in the Philippines who is reading off a checklist and can not help me at all.
    Last night was so bad that I did call them up and had to go through the usual BS and all I wanted for them to do is write up a trouble ticket.
    Here is tonight’s results and as you can see that at 0730 and 1645 everything is sweet.
    Then peak times come along and its forget about any online games on the internet.