What can you do?

There are a number of things you can do to raise awareness of the issue.

1. Track your network performance

Tools exist on the Internet to test your connection speed. I often use www.speedtest.net as I can select different destinations to test against. After each test a link can be generated to the test results and stored for later reference. To create a link click on the “copy direct link” button on the bottom right of the results area of the page. This will save a link onto the clipboard so it can be pasted into a support email or directly into a browser. An example of a saved link can be seen here.

It is best to do a few of these during the night to show a consistent degradation over the time of use. It is even better if you can get a test done late at night or early evening before the peak time starts. This will show what your connection is capable of without the congestion issues.

2. Raise a support ticket with your Internet Service Provider

Each time you have a performance issue with your connection contact your ISP. I prefer to use email as you can keep a copy of your ISPs response in writing. Many ISP’s track these support calls and use them to indicate the magnitude of the issue with the wholesale provider. The more people complain the greater their influence to get the issue addressed.

If you have been tracking performance using an online speed tester, paste the results link into the email.

3. Follow me on Twitter

I am using a number of tools to track and communicate my performance issues with the world. If you use Twitter then follow me. You would be surprised how many politicians and other organisations use Twitter to gauge the level of interest in local issues. I will also tweet updates to content on my site so you can keep up to date.

4. Return to this website when you can

All letters I send or receive concerning Internet performance will be posted on this site. You will be able to see the content of the letter I send to politicians and ISPs as well as their responses. I intend to keep this open and transparent to everyone involved including the general public.

5. Contact me by email

If you live the Gungahlin area and are affected by this issue then feel free to contact me by email. I would like to gather some information about other users who are also affected by the same issue I am. My email address is russell “at” actbroadband.net

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